joi, 7 aprilie 2011

Sa cresti mare!

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  1. jos clopu 'nantea dumitale si a uoamenilor tai!

  2. va multumesc!
    Dan, in fata lor trebuie sa ne dam clopu' jos cu totii! Ei merita... eu, nu prea...

  3. Usoara, maica, usoara,
    C-ai putea sa mergi calcand
    Pe semintele ce zboara
    Intre ceruri si pamant.
    In priviri c-un fel de teama,
    Fericita totusi esti
    Iarba stie cum te cheama,
    Steaua stie ce gandesti.

    Mainile ei muncite si frumoase...

  4. La fix! Si imi place fff mult!
    Multumesc! :o)

  5. Hi, Vlad. Congratulations on your lovely blog. I have long known of your work from and am delighted to come across your blog now. I have just used your photo "all those dreams from the past" from to accompany a shadorma poem on my own bog, crediting you with the photo and including a link to your page and this blog. I hope this is OK with you and you will like what I have done. Please let me know if you prefer I not use the photo or wish me to credit yout in another form.

    Have a beautiful day.

  6. Hi Lorenzo!

    I'm really glad you like it! No problem you used it!

    Thank you! :o)

  7. Fotografiile tale sunt absolut superbe. Atata emotie surprinsa in fiecare imagine... Sincere felicitari!

  8. Mulţumesc mult, Roxana!
    Mă bucur că plac! :o)