joi, 18 august 2011

Tablou de vară

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  1. Foarte expresiva! Sugereaza intaietatea naturii in fata omului care incearca sa o supuna.

  2. multumesc foarte mult, Ioan! :o)

  3. The men, the beasts, the trees, the implements

    Uttered even what they will in times far hence---

    All of us gone out of the reach of change---

    Immortal in a picture of an old grange.
    ~Edward Thomas
    It is a warm, golden and beautiful image, Vlad. I am reminded of Millet's The gleaners and of Hardy's novel "Far from the Madding Crowd" with the many scenes of men gathering hay or out in the fields. I love the blurring effect in the background, the shadows and the bright tufts of grass in the foreground. It suggests that this is indeed a tradition out of time.