duminică, 25 august 2013

O vizită în căsuţa din poveşti - I

Iuliana, arătându-ne un articol dintr-un ziar în care era prezentată căsuţa ei. :o) Maramureş, Rogoz.

3 comentarii:

  1. A line in a song says that “the pain of people doesn’t come in the newspapers” and the same applies to joy and happiness. That is true, words and images are not enough to communicate the essence of emotions and feelings… but they help, sometimes they come very close. Words and images in newspapers are fragments of frozen moments in time. Juliana “reads” (does she really read?) and watches to feed her memories, to revisit the past… and she surely cherishes those memories for the newspaper is very well preserved and her facial expression shows a sparkle of those emotions that the newspaper can’t wholly contain.

  2. The true is that she was showing me an article that someone wrote about her and her house. She was very proud of it, of course! :o) Thank you very much! True words "the pain of people doesn’t come in the newspapers"...

  3. great picture. nice light that is coming through the window.