miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013

O vizită în căsuţa din poveşti - II

Maramureş, 2013

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  1. Well… it seems hay can also be used to make the roof of a house!
    I’ve seen roofs made of reeds, junks, woodwaxens, leaves of palm trees, grass and it’s really incredible how they can be resistant and isolate from humidity, cold and heat. Juliana has a beautiful rough house that also seems quite resistant. The roof is twice higher than the house itself, at least the visible part (probably because of the snow). If that roof wasn’t there, the house would seem very low and small. This roof gives the house an imposing aspect. This time, the half perspective from below helps to make bigger what probably is a little smaller.
    Juliana owns more than memories, she owns a house/home that is also an ecological work of art!

  2. Vlad,

    unde ai gasit minunantia asta??!!
    Spune-ne si noua, te rugam
    Spune-ne povestea!
    In Maramures, dar unde? Batranica sta singura, nu? Ce zice, cum e? Deasupra e stuf?

    Un basm...

    Ce smerenie...

    Iti multumesc

  3. D-na Iuliana din Rogoz Maramures traieste singura in aceasta casuta. Stuf este pe ea, da. :o) Multumesc de trecere si vorbe!