miercuri, 24 aprilie 2013


Another morning on the hills near Brasov, the city I live in. I was lucky again and the magic happened. :o)

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  1. Magic indeed! Undeniably, two sites from the garden of Eden...As vrea sa fiu in casuta aia, linga foc, dupa o plimbare in aerul rece de-afara. Frumos, frumos, frumos!

  2. It's amazing how smoke draws shapes and translucent veils on the sky, mainly in the morning sun. This kind of smoke always evokes life not destruction. When we look at it, we don't think about polution, we think about positive things like the warmness by the fireplace, the aroma of the first meal of the day, people sitting around the fireplace and preparing for a new day... on that corner of paradise.
    It seems that the sun chose that particular house and that particular chimney to shine on, what makes everything more unique. What the sunlight shows it's magic; what the smoke veil hides it's pure mystery... until it's gone and shows more magic behind.