joi, 25 aprilie 2013

Touching magic

Sometimes we just walk, without knowing that we touch magic.

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  1. Absolutely true! "Sometimes we are not aware that we are touching magic".Probably because sometimes we only use the eyes to see or because our mind is somewhere else, not accompanying the eyes and the incredible reality outside. You are able to see places and people both with your eyes and your soul.
    The magic is surely there but also inside the beholder. I noticed that human figure walking on the path... Does he/she notice the magic that he/she is touching? When we live for a long time in "paradise" we tend to forget how lucky we are... Nature changes constantly, "paradise" changes constantly, but the magic is there and there's always something new to see and feel... even if "paradise" was only a tree standing in the sun in the middle of nowhere.
    Thank you for allowing us to touch magic with/in your pictures, again and again.