vineri, 14 iunie 2013

Casa cu doliu / House of mourning

Maramureş, 2013

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  1. I know no other experience that prints in our souls a more deep and inerasable mark than the loss of our beloved ones. Love is the wheel that moves the whole world. To lose our beloved ones always leaves a void, even for those who believe in the reencounter in other life. It is as if the "wheel of love" has stopped moving the world. However, love and memories always remain. With them is possible to put the wheel again on its voyage and find new meanings and new faces of love. Probably the most sublime form of love, is the one without object. They are gone but the love for them remains.
    But who died in this modest house? A beloved one, youth, health, dreams, hope…

  2. Her husband. Some months before... :o(