luni, 17 iunie 2013

În căutarea micului dejun / Searching for breakfast

Braşov, 2012

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  1. Searching food for the animals… an idyllic scene in an idyllic place. I think I recognize this place from other photographs of yours or at least the hills, the colours and the low clouds of the morning give that impression. This sensation of déjà vu give a reassuring sensation… all the things that seem to be disappearing are still there. If not in the same spot with the same people, at least in the atmosphere and in the daily tasks of the rural life.

  2. Thank you! São, you remember well. It is the same place in the same morning. :o)

  3. ..."Ca să mă îngroape

    Aice, pe-aproape,

    În strunga de oi,

    Să fiu tot cu voi;

    În dosul stânii

    Să-mi aud cânii"...

    Plaiuri rupte din cer si lasate aici, pe pamant, ca sa ne bucure ochii si sufletul. Inca o data, o manopera frumoasa, asa cum ne-ai obisnuit.

  4. Aceasta imagine, o am imprimata si pusa la mine pe perete la munca.e o imagine minunata ce imi aminteste de copilaria la bunici...Multumesc !

  5. I just found your blog and I love your photography!
    I like this kind of landscapes! the colours are beautiful, evenso the fog hanging over the hills.
    greetings, Hilde