marți, 28 mai 2013


2013, Maramureș

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  1. So much frugality! I lived for some years in a small village but we had all the commodities of modern life (refrigerator, washing machine, television, car, etc.). And only a half dozen of people lived in really poor houses. And yet, in some of those houses were raised children which became good students, became good professionals, good citizens and relatively wealthy. The demagogical argument that states that socio-economical conditions determine decisively the future is far away from being an absolute truth. Anyway, the great majority of the population emigrated to the cities or to other countries (in Lisbon I live in a duplex on the top of a building, not bad at all, but I prefer the huge yard I have in the village house, the amazing sunsets, the transparency and pureness of the air, even the thunderstorms, plants and animals all around...). But they always come back each summer. Nowadays, there's no difference between the city houses and the village ones, and the quality of life is much higher.
    Your photographs really show a world that seems to come out from another time and they make me think about the false ideas that the "global village" takes as certainties. The right measure, as always, is somewhere between "civilization" and this "primitive way of life".

  2. Like always, thank you for your words, São! :o)

  3. ..imi amintesc de lelea Iulisca, din Sacatura..
    Bucataria ei era mica, cu lut pe jos, intunecata, luminata doar de stergarele de deasupra icoanelor si de fereastra patrata prin care se vedea dealul napadit de in, dupa care apunea soarele...
    Multumesc, Vlad Dumitrescu, pentru copilaria pe care mi-o redai in fiecare dimineata, cate un pic..