luni, 13 mai 2013

Earth does not have celebrations

Am făcut această fotografie în Vinerea Mare, când teoretic nimeni nu are voie să lucreze ... mi-am amintit atunci o expresie auzită cu mult timp în urmă "Pământul nu are sărbători". / I took this photo on the Friday before Easter, when theoretically no one is allowed to work ...I remembered then some wise words from the past: "Earth does not have celebrations". - Vlad Dumitrescu, 2013, Maramureș

2 comentarii:

  1. Indeed, you said it all. The routines of survival never stop. The celebrations of earth are the result of hard work and the natural mechanisms of Nature. Right now, earth is waiting for certain seeds to be housed in her bosom… the final celebrations will come when the fruit is ready to be harvested, transformed, cooked, tasted… Also the animals wait to be feed, to be taken to the meadows, to return to their stables, to close another common happy day beneath the night sky, next door to their human neighbours.

  2. The not easy cycle of the countryside life...