duminică, 19 mai 2013

The feet can tell the story, too

2013, Maramureș

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  1. You're right! The feet, the hands, the whole of each person tell the story. These feet tell a story of a very hard life. And yet, I guess these are the feet of a happy person. One of the lessons the people that you portray give is precisely that: it is possible to find an island of happiness even in the middle of a forest of thistles and spikes.

    Note: I uploaded yesterday on Youtube the video «Vlad Dumitrescu - Real People IV - I Know of a Peasant Woman», a simple and small thing. I leave here the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LsIaGPjZsQ
    I think that I'm going to post it first on my Portuguese blog (Dias Singulares) and only afterwards on an English blog. I'll let you know and I'll send the links to you.
    Thank you for everything.

  2. Again, thank You very much! I really like the clip! :o)

  3. Dear Vlad Dumitrescu, I am the one who has all the reasons to thank you. A few moments ago I made the post on my Portuguese blog (Dias Singulares). Here is the link: http://dias-singulares.blogspot.pt/2013/05/vlad-dumitrescu.html
    I hope you agree with the texto and with the choice of the photographs. Below each one is the link to your blog.
    I also wanted to ask your permission to upload some of your pictures on my Picasa álbuns to embed a mini-application with your photographs in my blog. I know this isn't an absolute fair request... It's absurd, but what happens sometimes is that the photographs get more views in my Picasa page than in the authors' pages. If you do not allow me to do that, I understand. I've already uploaded your photographs in my Picasa page but it is still a private álbum. I'll wait for your answer before making it public. Of course your name is on the album and in each photograph. Thank you for everything.You're much more than a great photographer.

  4. Thank you! It is really no problem especially when the images will have somewhere my name. Thank you!