luni, 6 mai 2013

Nicoleta and Rosita

Hristos a inviat! Tocmai ce m-am intors dintr-o excursie de patru zile in Maramures. Cu toate ca este a ... multa oara cand merg acolo, aceasta zona nu inceteaza sa ma surprinda. :o) A fost, ca de obicei... extraordinar! / I just returned from a four-day trip in Maramures. Although I was there many times, this area never stops to surprise me. : o) It was, as usual ... amazing!

2 comentarii:

  1. This is true love! I bet that this little girl doesn't look at her lamb as a future meal... Sorry, it was stronger than me... I had to say this. But since I don't want to offend you or anyone, I won't speak about this matter again.
    What matters is the authenticity and beauty of all of your photographs and the important cultural, social and historical work you are doing with them. The big History is made of millions of these little "histories" of real life. This one is very special to me. Thank you for post it here. All the happiness and good things to you!

  2. All the happiness and good things to you, too, São! :o) Thank you very much for your time, visit and words! :o)